Recreating Beautiful Memories Through Recreational Facilities

As a prestigious condominium located at Pasir Panjang Road, The Verandah Residences aims to help its residents relive and recreate their fondest childhood memories. Not just for themselves, but for their children as they get the rare opportunity to grow and play in the exact area their parents used to. But, with a modern twist to the surrounding.

Obviously, running and jumping into a lake is no longer a feasible option in any developed nation. Especially, not one like Singapore.

Instead, children living here get to enjoy swimming in a luxurious and spacious Swimming Pool, still surrounded by the familiar sight of the colonial bungalows with their black and white blinds shading their veranda. But more than the swimming pool, your entire family also gets to enjoy the many other water features around the estate. From a beautiful and well maintained Lawn Terrace, to a Sand Pit, Sky Lounge, Chess Deck, and much more.

As you explore the various floor plans and units available, you'll begin to discover, how you can relive your childhood memories and give your children a similar experience living here at The Verandah Residences.

Site Plan Legend

With Pasir Panjang's rich colonial history, it doesn't come as a surprise that The Verandah Residences along West Coast Road strives to retain this essence. Each and every condo facility around the estate were carefully considered and evaluated on their individual ability to reflect the nostalgic experience lifelong residents of Pasir Panjang are all too familiar with. But it is this determination and conviction that has brought together a suite of facilities residents are bound to love and enjoy.

The Condo Facilities

1. Drop Off

2. Side Gate

3. Guardhouse

4. Function Room

5. Water Feature

6. Changing Room (Basement 1)

7. Genset

8. Lawn Terrace

9. Reflective Pond

10. Chess Deck

11. Outdoor Shower

12. Gym

13. Jacuzzi

14. Swimming Pool

15. Yoga Deck

16. Aqua Gym

17. Dining / BBQ Pavilion

18. Kids Pool

19. Playground

20. Sand Pit

21. Kids Pavilion

22. Electrical Substation

23. Bin Centre

24. Sky Lounge (Blk 231 Lower Road)