Settling the Legal Stuff

Before buying any property, the first thing to ensure you've taken care of are all the various legal stuff.

To help you get started, we've included links to various important government portals and websites for real estate related matters.

Property Tax Calculations

With the changes in ABSD and other tax related issues for both locals and foreigners, it is always good to stay updated with the latest property tax ruling as it affects how much long you can take. For more information, do check out IRAS website for the latest rates.


Public Utilities

One of the most important things to settle before moving in is making sure your utilities are taken care of. That means visiting Singapore Power Group to find out more about the latest tariff rates for electricity and to register your utilities account.


Need Help Sproucing Up Your New Condo?

Whether you're looking to invest in The Verandah Residences as a new homeowner or as investor, the first thing you'll want to do is invest in a home that looks and feels great. That means getting inspiration on the furniture to bring in, the type of cutlery, and much more.

We've included some of our top websites to give you the ideas and inspiration you'll need.

Interior Design Portal

Want to explore premium interior design trends? We've found DCRS Decorations to be the online premium interior design platform for homeowners in Singapore. They feature many renowned architects and designers from around the world.


Kitchen Contractors

Want to install or remodel certain areas in your condo kitchen? Singapore Kitchen Contractors provides a wide range of kitchen renovation services for homeowners, whether it is a HDB or in our case, a condo remodelling.


Shop for Cabinets

Need some new cabinets for your home? Then why not head down to World Mall Cabinets, an online cabinet furniture ecommerce platform for your home cabinet needs.


Arrange for Carpet Cleaning

Thinking of including carpet flooring for a room or adding a rug in your condo living room? It's a good practice then to get competitive cleaning services rates from a professional and licensed company.


Property Advisory & Consultation

Need additional advise and personalised consultation on your property investment decisions? We understand that buying a need condo unit is a major financial decision, that's why we recommend speaking with an experienced property agent to help you chart out a proper investment plan.


Home Improvement Ideas

Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak to an existing interior layout to achieve the look and feel you're aiming for. The challenge is finding that inspiration or idea. That's where this local home improvement blog really stands out as they tackle a number of common condo renovation challenges.