170 Units. 8 Different Unit Layout.

Living at The Verandah Residences promises to deliver the exuberance feeling of tranquility and prestige. With only 170 units within the estate, you get to relive the colonial experience. The traditional black and white bungalows that once stood on these grounds and have now been revision and redesign to be a unique condo. One that combines history with modern design.

TAKE NOTE: unit sizes provided below are estimates only and are subjected to change upon project development commencement. Full list of floor plans and actual unit distribution will be made available soon.

LayoutNo. of UnitsEst. Size Area (sqm)
1 Bedroom57 Units42-49
1 Bedroom + Study10 Units56
2 Bedroom11 Units60-61
2 Bedroom + Study21 Units64-69
3 Bedroom19 Units94-90
3 Bedroom Premium29 Units92-101
4 Bedroom20 Units116-120
Strata Landed House3 Units202

The Unit Mix & Distribution Layout

What makes living at this luxurious condo is the wide variety of floor plan distribution layout. Almost every apartment has a different unit mix to appeal to families of all sizes.

For your easy reference, we've included the floor plans with an easy to navigate function on this page. Or if you prefer, we recommend downloading our official e-brochure which you can then view on your mobile devices or laptop with your spouse and family.

The History Of The Verandah Residences

The Pasir Panjang area once used to house the traditional and iconic colonial bungalows. Residents in the area will recall that all too familiar black and white building that once graced this town. And it is this nostalgic feeling and experience that we aim to deliver here at The Verandah Residences Condo. Which just 4 blocks of 5 storeys residential flats surrounding the condo estate, living here brings about the same nostalgic feeling of the late 50s and 60s.

And to complete that experience, the condo also houses 3 2-storey strata landed houses within the compound. It's the ultimate experience of living in Singapore during the early colonial times. Made even better with newer and modern condo facilities even the early British people would be envious of today.