An Insight Of Property Developer Oxley Holdlings Ltd

What makes Oxley Holdings Limited such a renowned property developer in Singapore isn't just its amazing and diverse portfolio. Sure, the company's global presence in 12 markets around the world is impressive, but what makes it the ideal developer for home owners is the team's ability to spot development trends in the market. In fact, as the team that pioneered the shoebox apartment concept, they have proven to have the expertise to establish themselves as a thought leader and innovator in the property scene, both locally and internationally.

And The Verandah Residences Condo is about to become the next major milestone. The winning feature of almost all of Oxley's projects (both residential and commercial) is the location they've carefully selected. By only selecting prime condo location, investors and home owners are confident they'll see a good return on their investment.

Oxley Holdings' Sample Portfolio

The Developer's Historical Growth Story

The history of Oxley's rise in the property development scene started in 2008 when the founder, Mr Ching Chiat Kwong, identified a need in the market. A need for properties which would appeal to the younger working adult class. A need for affordable private residential properties. By the middle of 2009, he entered a joint partnership with the now current Deputy CEO, Mr Eric Low See Ching and substantial shareholder Mr Tee Wee Sien. This successful partnership gave rise to Oxley Holdings Pte Ltd on 16 March 2010. And less than a year later, on 13 October 2010, the company was listed on the stock exchange and grew to become the giant they are today.

It is with this remarkable and exponential growth behind the developer, which has attracted the interest of many homeowners and investors in their upcoming property projects. With The Verandah Residences taking center stage for private residential properties in the coming months.