A Nostalgic Experience Renewed

Pasir Panjang is a town that is rich in its colonial history, and that is the key goal of The Verandah Residences Condo in this nostalgic town near West Coast Road. Residents who have grown up in the area will be all too familiar with the black and white bungalows that once graced this town with its historical presence. That's why this project doesn't aim to remove this historical monument, but rather to embrace and develop it.

And to tackle such a massive venture, to strive and walk you through memory lane, it takes finesse, it takes craftsmanship, and it takes years of experience. Most importantly, it takes a team with the right know-how and skills to bring out the true essence left behind by Singapore's early colonial settlers. And that is why the condo developer has endeavoured to deliver an experience unlike any other.

The experience of growing up and living in Pasir Panjang.

Inspired By Pasir Panjang's History

The truth is, designing the entire estate wasn't a complicated process. Unlike the other newer towns in Singapore, there were so much natural materials to be found in Pasir Panjang's history. The lush greenery around the town were a strong source of inspiration, and that lead to the instinctive idea of bringing out a the essence of tranquil living. For we believe that is the true spirit of residents who have had the privilege of growing up in this town. And having enjoyed its natural beauty for decades, they'll agree The Verandah Residences have perfectly retained this same characteristic and recreated an almost replica of the town residents have come to love so much.